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Lori Jenessa Nelson is a writer, dancer, musician, and artist who strives to give form to the complexities of the human spirit and its wants, desires, thoughts, sufferings, victories, and failures in the form of verse.

She began writing prose and poetry at the age of 10 along with very active journaling. She participated in the Wordsmith writing competition when she was in middle school, and won a writing contest with one of her short stories when she hit high school, where she also played viola in the orchestra, danced and sang in the show choir, and furthered her piano skills by taking private lessons of gospel.

In college, she realized that she had grown out of prose writing and only wrote prose under "great duress" until she discovered the hybrid of prose poetry which unleashed a whole new range of creativity.

Writing in both formal verse and freeform, she further explored the form of prose poetry that inspired her book, Dear Lover, which covers some of her personal anecdotes in letter formats in an effort to make her writing more relatable to persons of all ages and backgrounds. DSCN0331

She has previously had her poem "This is what we should've feared" published by Belleville Park Pages, an international literature magazine, in the summer of 2014.

She is currently working on a free verse ballad called The Fall of a King in which she branches out from romantic love to talk about the unromantic love she feels for her familial relationships. This piece focuses on her relationship with her father and will be available soon with cover art by her close personal friend, Emily Ecker, who is also the artist who designed the Dear Lover, cover. She describes Emily as being "the greatest listener she has ever known" and "a great friendship held together by mutual obsessions with art, writing, Disney, and Harry Potter".

Currently working through her first novel, you can support her by donating below or buying copies of her poetry collections or short stories.


Nightmares, Night Scares, Daydreams: a poetry collection of ghouls, ghosts, the undead, and the barely living
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